Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2133$ shared by this initiative!

Hi all,

Just would like to give you a quick update of the top10 where we have a new leader "samiow" with 690 points:

"Samiow" has also received the 12.5$ back from the referal money and we has selected the payment to Pokerstars:

In terms of statistics we have been able to extract 2133$ that are now available for you to play:

Its been quite difficult to promote this and Ive been banned from a lot of places because they say Im spamming... I would love to receive a few suggestions from you as how could I share this with the max number of players. Please leave your comments!

Best regards,

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McStYles102 said...

Wow! Amazing! At first i thought there would be some hidden contract to it like most of these type of things, however there was nothing! I signed up with tuktuk as my referer, passed the easy test on poker strategy, and got my money the next day. The full $50 bucks! Hell yeah, sitting their in my account. Now i'm grinding the micros, and clearing the required rake amount. Apparently theres even more money that you can get from poker strategy for passing higher levels....i dont really know or understand what its all about, but as long as i keep my end of the deal by playing and creating the rake, and they keep there end of the deal by giving you the dough, whats there to complain about? Nothing. And so far, they have kept there end of the deal. So im happy, actually im thrilled. Overall = Great deal for easy cash, 10/10, no problems, highly recommend if your trying to build a bankroll.

GuAlvim said...

Galera... é VDD ganha mesmo a grana!!!! Eu recebi U$50,00 no PokerStars e agora ganharei mais U$5,00 por completar uma certa quantidade de pontos!!!! Se fizer tudo corretamente ganhará dinheiro jogando poker, assim como eu!!!!
Valeu tuktuk!!!!


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