Monday, June 8, 2009

And to finish the weekend $216 + $959!!!

Poker Money
He! He! 3rd post of the weekend :)

To finish the weekend in style I made it another 1st place on a sit and go of $4.00+$0.40 winning $216 and I completely went overboard on my BRM and decided to play the pokerstars Sunday Warm-up with a buy in of $200+$15 with a guaranteed prize on $750,000. I managed to end up on 100th out of 3996 registered players and make a total of $959.05!!! Here is the prove:

My 3rd big poker tournament victory

All in all because I have played a lot of tournaments I end up the weekend with a profit of almost $3000!!! I think I could go pro :) Unfortunately now is time to stop dreaming and get back to reality. Tomorrow another day in the office.

I really enjoyed this weekend and because my family is out I could dedicate myself %200 to poker and showed good results. I'm looking forward for my next window of opportunity to continue playing!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

24 hours after another $768.60!

Poker Hand
Hello again!

Well I "kind of" did it again 24 hours after :)

This time a diferent tournament $50+5 with a total of 1098 players and I end up "only" in the 9th place taking the nice prize of $ 768.60!!!

Here is the prove:

My second big poker tournament victory

Right now Im delirious and feeling good!!!
Would it be possible to do it 3 straight days?

He! He! After 5 hours of sleep Im back and ready for more. Bring it on!!!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My first "big" poker win - 14 hours after... $1683!

Poker Hand
Hello everybody!

Its with great pleasure that I will post here my first "big" and decent sucess on poker.

This was on a deep stack pokerstars tournament with a buy-in of $11 and it took my almost 14 hours to beat the other 962 registered players. Here is the print screen of my victory:

My first big poker tournament victory

Looking forward to play my next one :)

What about you? When was your last big poker victory?

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to Poker! Update of the TukTuk Poker model statistics

poker money $100 bills

I finally managed to find some time to update the statistics and I can tell you that the tuktuk poker model keeps on rocking!

Even during this extensive period of time that I was not so active promoting the tuktuk poker model a lot of friends still registered and collected their free money. A total of $18,3985.00 is being played everyday by you!

Please consider the updated statistics up to May 2009:

TukTuk Poker statistics May 2009

I would like to also update you on the special promotion I have been running from the start of this blog. The first top 10 will receive the full TAF money back i.e. $100 gaining a total of $250!

Here is the update of the top 10 players:

TukTuk Poker top 10 promotion May 2009

As you can see there are still 2 places open and actually a lot of you are really close to get to the 5000 strategypoint mark! Keep on playing and I wish you good luck!

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