Sunday, October 26, 2008

Congratulations to "Souza89"!!! 2nd place in my top 10 promotion!

Dear friends,

Its with great pleasure that I announce to you today that almost 4 months after "samiow" we have found the 2nd place in my top 10 promotion. The pokerstrategy nickname is "Souza89"!

I would like to ask "Souza89" to contact me and let me know to where do you want to receive your money that will complete the total of $250.

The fight for the 3rd place continues and Im sure soon we will find the 3rd place. Thats it for today... a small post... I know but my family after 3 weeks out has total priority :)

Talk to you soon!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Travelling in China!

Poker in China


I'm at this moment travelling through China and I have to say... What a beautiful country!

I also only now realized that if you want to play Poker live in China you need to go to Macau as gambling is not allowed. But you can still play online in some poker platforms like PokerStars and Mansion Poker (and that's what I have been doing when I get some time for that :)

I finally had some time to quickly review the situation of my promotions and update my blog:

1 - The 10000 hands promotion

I have checked my email and for my big disappointment I didn't receive any reply from those who registered on this promotion, until today (10 days after the deadline). That's really bad and now I'm trying to understand what went wrong...

Was the target of 10000 hands to high for the period of time defined? I mean I did it but I also played several tables at the same time as I have already some experience but maybe for a beginner that's something you definitely don't do so basically if you play 1 table, lets say on average 40 hands per hour that actually means you would have to play about 8 hours every day... a little bit to much! So I need to rethink this promotion and create something that can be a challenging but realistic. If poker is a hobby for most of us then lets say you can play 2 hour per day during the weekdays and 3 hours on the weekend days. Also assuming that you can play 2 tables at the same time (otherwise I think that even for beginners poker online will be to slow) then to be able to play 10000 hands you would need 2 months!

Another reason could be the fact that beginners will not have immediate access to download poker elephant and/or they dont know or where can they get their poker hands. A quick explanation - for the poker hands in most of the sites they will be stored in a folder inside the place where you have installed the software. As 1 example for PokerStars my hands are saved in C:\Program Files\PokerStars\HandHistory, for Party Poker in C:\Program Files\PartyGaming\PartyPoker\HandHistory, etc..
So if this is the problem and the reason why you didn't send me your statistics just send me a quick email and I will reconsider your results. I will be able to upload them on poker elephant I create your graph and see your result.

Could it be because I'm locking the promotion to a specific type limit and type of game i.e. just because I play no limit holdem doesn't mean that the other also want to play that... And maybe I should use a different measurement like BB/100 i.e. how many big blinds you generated per each 100 hands. Then everyone could play at any limit and type of game.

Could it be lack of trust? I still have the feeling that most people that read my posts in forums and in the poker rooms don't trust me or don't believe in what I'm doing... I have no clue how to change that...

So I'm thinking that when I'm back home I will probably relaunch this promotion but on a different format. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions to make the next 10000 hands promotion a successful one!

The 10000 hands promotion is now officially closed and unfortunately I have no results or winners to announce. The money will be reused for the next one.

2 - Total amount released by the TukTuk Poker Model = $9830

I made a small change on the table and Im also now including the money I keep from promoting this, following my value of transparency. I dont want people to think that I do this just for fun... Well I do but I also do this because I can get some money to play or to reinvest in creating promotions like the 10000 hands. Im also thinking in creating a freeroll for all those who register with me, but more of that in my next post.

Here is the latest table of statistics:

3 - Top 10 Promotion - $250 for the first 3!

This past weeks the competition is being more exciting than ever. 3 players are closing the gap to the 5000 strategypoint mark - "Souza89" with 3951 strategypoints went from 4th to 2nd passing both "eudodo" with 3827 strategypoints and "vinstayl" with 3282 strategypoints. Im sure pretty soon I will be contacting them for a quick interview :)
Just for your clarification in case you are playing in different platforms and pokerstrategy takes 1 or more days the points I lock the points to a specifc day and cross checked with the other players until they get their points updated. The player with higher number of startegypoints wins.

Here is the latest table with all the ranking:

Well thats it for today, time to go out of the hotel for a Tsingtao (chinese beer!)
Please keep in touch!

Best regards,

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Update of all the initiatives!


Ive been out last week and know its time for a quick update on all the diferent initiatives Im promoting on my blog.

First an update on the 10000 hands competition - the last day to present your hands is on the 8th of October. So far I havent received any results but I do have 12 friends who registered during the period Ive been promoting this competition. Im looking forward to receive your results.

In terms of money released based on my concept of giving back the "Tell a Friend" money (the tuktuk poker model) we continue to increase the amount of free poker money and we have reached the $8510. Please consider the latest statistics:

Its is clear that not all will have the knowledge and skills to get to the 5000 StrategyPoints. This mark is, in my opinion to high and I have already approached pokerstrategy to try to break it down. If that works that means that you would get the money from me earlier. If you would like to support my request go to this post on pokerstrategy forum.

On my top 10 contest there are still 2 places open but it seems that they are almost decided. "eudodo" and "vinstayl" have passed the 2500 mark and they both seem to be in good shape to get to the 5000 strategypoints mark. Please consider the latest classification:

When looking back to May when I started this blog and seeing at I have achieved already makes me want more. I have so many ideas in my head but not so much time to dedicate to this. I need to find the right balance between my family, my personal life, my job, and of course this. Im open to work with more people and Im looking for partners that want to help me promoting my idea. If you are interested send me a quick email!

Well I think this is it for today! Have a good week and talk to you soon!

Best regards,

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