Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quest for profitability in 10000 poker hands - Competition!


Im starting a new competition online for all that have registered through my blog on pokerstrategy where the objective is to see how profitable you are after playing 10000 hands. For the top 5 most profitable players this is will be the prize money:

1st - $80
2nd - $60
3rd - $40
4th - $20
5th - $10

The competition will be open from 8th of September until the 8th of October and during this period you will be able to compare your performance with all the others who will join this competition. All you need to do is register on pokerstrategy using my link and send me a email with your registration nickname and that you wish to participate in this competition.

I will also join and I will start with my current bankroll of $49.75 that I have on Party Poker and I will post my own performance during this period of time. But of course I will not be eligible for the prizes.

Some rules need to be defined to make the competition equal to everyone:

1 - You will have to play no-limit Texas Holdem at the $0.05/$0.10 level.
2 - You should start with a bankroll of $50
3 - You need to be able to present your statistics for this specific competition using one of the many available tools - my suggestion is that you use the poker elephant developed by pokerstrategy.com (if you dont have this available yet you can download it here and use this software for free during 21 days which I guess will be more than enough to play the 10000 hands.). Another suggestion would be PokerTracker 3 where you could use their 60 day trial period.
4 - The starting date will be 8th of September 2008 and the last day for you to send me your statistics will be the 8th of October 2008. After that within 5 working days I will announce the winners. The 10000 hands need to be proven as played during this period of time.
5 - Profitability will be measured in US dollars. In case you play in other currencies the rate of exchange at the date of today will be used for calculation.
6 - You need to have registered on pokerstrategy.com using my referral link and confirmed your registration nick by email to tuktukbkk@gmail.com. This competition is, of course, open for all that have already register with me before. All you need to do is send me an email confirming that you would like to join. A minimum of 10 players will be required to join for this competition to be valid.
7 -The prizes will be paid using the inter account transfers in 1 of the following poker platforms - PokerStars, Full Tilt, Titan Poker, Mansion Poker, Party Poker (only for the prizes above $50 due to PartyPoker restriciton). Other platforms will be considered if required.

You will probably see me around for the next 6 days promoting my competition so if you can help me spreading the word around either by sending this post by email to all your friends who might want to join or/and leave a post/comment in 1 of your favourite forums or blogs.

Any questions please drop me an email to tuktukbkk@gmail.com

Good luck and let the games begin!

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TomPerez said...

Nice competition man, I'll be in it and winning for sure :) Can't wait till we start.

Cheers, TomPerez

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