Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10000 hands!!! Profit of $48.45 :)


I have reached my goal of 10000 hands (in fact I have played 10212 hands) and I manage to be profitable in the end. From my initial capital received from of $50 Im now up with $98.45. Here is the latest graph:

My best and worst hands didnt change from my last post which probably also means that my game improved and I have not being exposing my bankroll as before.

You still have 2 weeks to register on the competition and send me your 10000 hands. Remember that the most profitable player will get $80!!!

I hope Í can start receiving your results to publish them on my blog soon!

Best regards,


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KushMoney said...

Well at least you came out in profit. Hard month I'd say.

my blog said...

well for me it was hard month

free credit report said...

yeah atleast you created profits

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