Monday, September 15, 2008

The TukTuk Poker Model continues to release free poker money - $7997.50!


Just want to give you another update on the statistics, the top 3 promotion and a few more payments done.

The TukTuk poker model in action! Since I started this idea of giving back the refer a friend money we have successufully released $7997.50! Thats amazing, I never thought that my actions would lead to so much money released for free! This only inspires me to continue and Im sure soon we will reach the $10000! Here is the table with all statistics:

On my top 10 promotion things are starting to warm up and we have now 7 players closer to get the full $250 back. "yogev" is 1 of the most recent friends that registered through me and he is performing really well! Here is the top 10 ranking:

In terms of payments I will leave another 2 examples from friends that have received their money back from me - remember that you need to send me an email confirming to where you want to receive your payment:

Thats it for today! As you now Im also running a competition to see whos the most profitable player in 10000 hands and I will soon post another update of my own performance!

See you soon!

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