Monday, November 24, 2008

Play poker online for free | 3rd place found and another free $250

Play poker online for free

Top 10 promotion - 3rd place found and the race is still ON!

poker competition 3rd place


Its with great pleasure that I can finally announce the 3rd place of my top 10 promotion. My friend "eudodo" has reached the 5000 pokerstrategy points and will receive $250 completly free to play poker online.

I have decided to continue with the promotion and I will expand it to the top 10 places!

So to all my friends out there keep on playing and you still have a good opportunity to get the total amount of free poker money from the tell-a-friend promotion making a total of $250 instead of "only" the $150 from the original promotion.

Here is the update top 10 promotion ranking: top 10

Thats it for today and I will go now to prepare my next post as Im more and more proud of helping others on the quest for the release of free poker money to play poker online.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My own poker conspiracy theories


Following a serie of events - bad beats - and considering my years of experience with online poker, I have decided to write a few of my own conspiracy theories that will hopefully help you improve on how to play poker online:

Death Poker Table Seat

When you loose more than 2x your initial money in 1 table get out as soon as possible because you are playing in the death poker table seat! This is even more true when you loose for example with a pocket pair of Kings or Aces. So lets say I start at 1 table with $10 if I loose a total of $20 then I simply leave that table, beacuse I know it can only get worst!

Continuous Winning Series of Poker Online

When you are winning you will keep on winning! It happen already several times that when I win a hand and go to the next one immediately after with any type of hand I win the second hand as well. this is even more true when Im the chip leader or in a cash table when I have double up my initial investment.

AQ + AJ out of position!

AQ and AJ out of position are the biggest money loosers of all time. When you have 1 of these hands AQ or AJ and you pay to see the flop but someone else raises you then you could be pretty sure that you are going to loose that hand if you decide to continue - or maybe its just me :)

20% rule of bankroll management

If you loose more than 20% of your bankroll in 1 session then its time for you to stop playing for a few hours or even for that day. If you have more than 1 poker site you like to play then give it a try on the other one. Of course I dont apply this most of the times and I end up losing a lot more than 20% and thats just because I want to get my money back and I end up making all diferent kind of stupid mistakes that you wouldnt do if you were not under pressure to recover. Stop and leave!

You vs. the chip leader = you always loose!

Thats been the case in 80% to 90% of the times with me. even with almost perfect hands you can still loose if you are up against the chip leader or the guy with most money at the table. Be extremelly careful in those situations where you have for example AA and you got your trips on the flop but then the flop also is showing a flush draw or a straight draw... Most likely you will go all-in and the chip leader will hit is straight or flush draw... Been there... done that! The reverse is also true - if you are the chip leader then you can abuse a little bit more of the low stacks as usually the house will protect you as you are the guy with more money and also the one they know will generate more rake for them!

He! He! Its giving me a lot of pleasure to release all this deamons! What about you? What other poker conspiracy theories to you have? Please leave me your comment!

To be continued...

Best regards,

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to increase poker target traffic to my blog?


Today I will go to a different subject than my usual posts. I want to open up for discussion the diferent methods you use to drive traffic to your blogs/sites... but not any traffic Im looking at any kind of methodology or tools you use to capture the attention of users to a poker site.

I have to admit that I have been using some of the less recommended methods and I do spam a lot... My apologies for all the sites and forums that have been exposed to me and to my nasty method of registering, dropping a line with my blog address and wait 5 minutes to be banned. That was my initial strategy and although is nasty if you do it in the right forums you do get a lot of traffic of people who is looking into option to play poker online for free.

Then I tried to be more civilized and I do have a few accounts opened in a few poker related forums but its a lot more difficult to follow up as you need to be active in a lot of posts and then again this is not my life and I can not spend 8 to 10 hours every day on this.

Of course that when you search on the internet you find all different kind of options to increase traffic. I also tried that and it works but nobody is really there to look to your blog and give you input, they are there to run as fast as possible by the max amount of blogs/sites so that they can get their credits up and then they will have more people doing the same for their site/blogs. A total waste of time if you ask.

You will also see all diferent kinds of top 10 best ways to increase traffic or whatever nice title they can come up with, to see if you just click on some of them, but in the end nothing is really working. Also all the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques have been tested and implemented in my blog but I still dont see the results of that... I need SEO for poker!

Maybe is just me or my blog that are simply not attractive enough to capture and retain the attention of people for more than 5 seconds...
All in all I pretty lost and I dont know what else should I do... Any one can help?

Please send me your suggestions!!!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TukTuk Poker Model - 1st $200 Freeroll


I have been thinking for a while now in a way to give you back even more of the money we have generated from the tuktuk poker model and I decided that I want to organize my first $200 freeroll to all those who register through me on pokerstrategy.

I have 2 questions for you:

1 - In which poker site - Pokerstars, Party Poker, Titan Poker, Mansion Poker, Full Tilt - would you like the freeroll to take place?

2 - Which day/time of the week would be more convenient for you?

I would like to receive a quick message from you either as a comment to this post or to my email and after that I will organize the freeroll in the most convenient date/time and site.

Thank you and best regards,

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Monday, November 10, 2008

More than $10000 for free to play poker online


I have to pleasure to annouce that today we have passed the $10000 mark more precisely with my blog and the tuktuk poker model we have released $10170 - free money to play poker online across multiple countries:

When I started this back in April - 8 months ago - I never thought that it could get to where we are today so I fell proud of myself and of course I have to say thank you to you all who believed in me to register on pokerstrategy using my blog and my concept.

The question now is at is the next level? $100,000? What do I need to do to get there? How could I be more effective? Does it make sense to continue under pokerstrategy or should I go direct to the poker rooms? A lot of questions in my head... Time for a brainstorm session with you! Send me your ideas and let me know if you would like to join the team (= me) :)

I will be posting soon as the 3rd place for my top 10 competition is almost there but I want to leave the suspense open as there are a few players almost there!

All the best,


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