Monday, November 24, 2008

Play poker online for free | 3rd place found and another free $250

Play poker online for free

Top 10 promotion - 3rd place found and the race is still ON!

poker competition 3rd place


Its with great pleasure that I can finally announce the 3rd place of my top 10 promotion. My friend "eudodo" has reached the 5000 pokerstrategy points and will receive $250 completly free to play poker online.

I have decided to continue with the promotion and I will expand it to the top 10 places!

So to all my friends out there keep on playing and you still have a good opportunity to get the total amount of free poker money from the tell-a-friend promotion making a total of $250 instead of "only" the $150 from the original promotion.

Here is the update top 10 promotion ranking: top 10

Thats it for today and I will go now to prepare my next post as Im more and more proud of helping others on the quest for the release of free poker money to play poker online.

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