Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to increase poker target traffic to my blog?


Today I will go to a different subject than my usual posts. I want to open up for discussion the diferent methods you use to drive traffic to your blogs/sites... but not any traffic Im looking at any kind of methodology or tools you use to capture the attention of users to a poker site.

I have to admit that I have been using some of the less recommended methods and I do spam a lot... My apologies for all the sites and forums that have been exposed to me and to my nasty method of registering, dropping a line with my blog address and wait 5 minutes to be banned. That was my initial strategy and although is nasty if you do it in the right forums you do get a lot of traffic of people who is looking into option to play poker online for free.

Then I tried to be more civilized and I do have a few accounts opened in a few poker related forums but its a lot more difficult to follow up as you need to be active in a lot of posts and then again this is not my life and I can not spend 8 to 10 hours every day on this.

Of course that when you search on the internet you find all different kind of options to increase traffic. I also tried that and it works but nobody is really there to look to your blog and give you input, they are there to run as fast as possible by the max amount of blogs/sites so that they can get their credits up and then they will have more people doing the same for their site/blogs. A total waste of time if you ask.

You will also see all diferent kinds of top 10 best ways to increase traffic or whatever nice title they can come up with, to see if you just click on some of them, but in the end nothing is really working. Also all the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques have been tested and implemented in my blog but I still dont see the results of that... I need SEO for poker!

Maybe is just me or my blog that are simply not attractive enough to capture and retain the attention of people for more than 5 seconds...
All in all I pretty lost and I dont know what else should I do... Any one can help?

Please send me your suggestions!!!

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Flawlessgame said...

There are lots of traffic creating software available in the market for just few dollars. I receive lots of mails about these. You find those software companies through Google search engine. i heard about it but haven't used yet.

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Anonymous said...

In the tough competition of the search engines, Google being the obvious leader, Alexa is trying every bit to pitch in by introducing more and more lucrative, advantageous and attracting features.

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