Monday, June 8, 2009

And to finish the weekend $216 + $959!!!

Poker Money
He! He! 3rd post of the weekend :)

To finish the weekend in style I made it another 1st place on a sit and go of $4.00+$0.40 winning $216 and I completely went overboard on my BRM and decided to play the pokerstars Sunday Warm-up with a buy in of $200+$15 with a guaranteed prize on $750,000. I managed to end up on 100th out of 3996 registered players and make a total of $959.05!!! Here is the prove:

My 3rd big poker tournament victory

All in all because I have played a lot of tournaments I end up the weekend with a profit of almost $3000!!! I think I could go pro :) Unfortunately now is time to stop dreaming and get back to reality. Tomorrow another day in the office.

I really enjoyed this weekend and because my family is out I could dedicate myself %200 to poker and showed good results. I'm looking forward for my next window of opportunity to continue playing!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

24 hours after another $768.60!

Poker Hand
Hello again!

Well I "kind of" did it again 24 hours after :)

This time a diferent tournament $50+5 with a total of 1098 players and I end up "only" in the 9th place taking the nice prize of $ 768.60!!!

Here is the prove:

My second big poker tournament victory

Right now Im delirious and feeling good!!!
Would it be possible to do it 3 straight days?

He! He! After 5 hours of sleep Im back and ready for more. Bring it on!!!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My first "big" poker win - 14 hours after... $1683!

Poker Hand
Hello everybody!

Its with great pleasure that I will post here my first "big" and decent sucess on poker.

This was on a deep stack pokerstars tournament with a buy-in of $11 and it took my almost 14 hours to beat the other 962 registered players. Here is the print screen of my victory:

My first big poker tournament victory

Looking forward to play my next one :)

What about you? When was your last big poker victory?

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to Poker! Update of the TukTuk Poker model statistics

poker money $100 bills

I finally managed to find some time to update the statistics and I can tell you that the tuktuk poker model keeps on rocking!

Even during this extensive period of time that I was not so active promoting the tuktuk poker model a lot of friends still registered and collected their free money. A total of $18,3985.00 is being played everyday by you!

Please consider the updated statistics up to May 2009:

TukTuk Poker statistics May 2009

I would like to also update you on the special promotion I have been running from the start of this blog. The first top 10 will receive the full TAF money back i.e. $100 gaining a total of $250!

Here is the update of the top 10 players:

TukTuk Poker top 10 promotion May 2009

As you can see there are still 2 places open and actually a lot of you are really close to get to the 5000 strategypoint mark! Keep on playing and I wish you good luck!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interview with "eudodo": fixed limit helped him to get a spot in the top 10!

interview with eudodo

Another week and another player in the top 10 promotion!

"eudodo" just made it and as before we ask him to share a few comments with the tuktuk community :).

Here is an extract of that interview:

Tuk: "Could you please give us a short description of you and your poker career?"
"eudodo": "I am 33 years old, living in London and playing poker a bit longer than a half year. Actually, I started playing poker just before I found PS site.
At the start I played mainly in tournaments. I still remember these freelrolls with over thousand of participants and the fact that usually I got busted on a bubble. It was a long lesson.
In meantime I started reading a lot about poker. There is a lot of books about fixed limit and I took this direction. The content of PS site consolidated my knowledge and it helped me a lot. Now I feel that I am 'fixed' for life."

Tuk: "Do you still remember how did you find"
"eudodo": "I found on some site with poker news. There was a brief info about tuktuk-TAF model and PS."

Tuk: "What made you register?"
"eudodo": "At the start I was sceptical but I decided to have a look and see. I thought that as long as I do not need to pay anything and submit certain personal details I cannot lose anything. If you want to play poker you definitely need to take a risk, so it was not a huge decision. However, in case of tuktuk-TAF model and PS site, there was no risk involved. (I could have go all-in)"

Tuk: "What do you think of this "tuktuk" model of giving back the TAF (Tell-a-friend) money?"
"eudodo": "This is a kind of extension of TAF system that offers PS. And a pleasant surprise. Here again, you cannot lose anything but you can gain a little extra and if you want you can have some connection with other members of PS via Tuk."

Tuk: "To whom would you suggest this type of model?"
"eudodo": "The model is for everyone. Once you understood that registering directly to a poker room is usually the worst option (most often you do not get the best deal with your first deposit or rake-back - sometimes no rake-back!), you will appreciate the value of registering via various sites that offer you something extra.

Tuk: "Anything special message you would like to leave for those who arestill in doubt that this is for real and it works?"
"eudodo": "Doubts? You have 30 seconds to respond ... Decision making is a key point in poker."

Tuk: "And any hints/tips you would like to leave for those still runningtowards the 5000 StrategyPoints mark?"
"eudodo": "Try to be consistent and work on your game. Check the site you are playing on and the number of points that you can get. It is very tough to get more points on micro-limits on a site like for example Poker Stars, where they do not count partial points. (this suppose to be changed in the nearest future). But the key is to improve your game. With time you will change your limit and everything will accelerate. Good luck at the tables!"

Thank you so much "eudodo" for an excellent interview!!!

Please consider also the confirmation of the payment of $100 to your Full Tilt account as you requested:

Payment on Full Tilt

What are you waiting for? Get on board and start playing with our free money! The TukTuk Poker model rocks! :)

All the best,

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