Friday, August 29, 2008

Help me to break down the TAF payments!


Ive been in the past days in discussion with to see if they can either increase their current Tell-a-Friend - TAF - promotion or reduce the number of strategypoints required to release the $75 dollars.

As you can see by my latest statistics out of 385 registered friends with me only 1 managed to get to the 5000 strategypoints and because Im running this promotion he ended up making $250. But it is still quite difficult and demanding to get there. So what Im proposing to is that they reduce the TAF payments as follow:

$10 at the 15 strategypoints mark
$15 at the 100 strategypoints mark
$25 at the 1000 strategypoints mark
$50 at the 5000 strategypoints mark

If that goes through that will mean that actually you will get the TAF money that I give back earlier as well.

If you can please go to this pokerstrategy forum post and support this initiative.

Now for the latest statistics update:

The top 10 promotion:

Free Poker Money Released - $7237.5

My head is full of ideas and one of the things I was planning to do is a small competition to see how profitable you are playing on a defined NL blinds in 10000 poker hands... But this still needs to be still prepared... Please keep in touch and make sure you subscribe to my blog for the latest updates!

Best regards,

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Flintrino said...

Just recieved my first $5.
This dudes the bee's knees :)

He's a dieing breed, an honest person!

Hope you join up and start recieving your money.


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