Monday, May 18, 2009

Interview: StusMagic made it to the top 10 and received $100!

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If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I have been running a special promotion on top of the tuktuk poker model where the first 10 players who make the 5000 strategy points will receive 100% of the TAF money I get from pokerstrategy.

Well guess what? We have another player in that group - StusMagic just made it! Congratulations!

We asked him a few questions and here is an extract of that interview:

"My name is Dino and I am from Croatia and I am 18 years old Ive been playing poker for 8 months and i was using lots of free money offers coz I was affraid to lose my own money so free money sites were option.

Before I found pokerstrategy i was playing without brm and any strategy was getting my first 50$ to like 300$ in one day then lose it all second day and search for next site for 50$.

I found your blog on google search when i searched all kind of offers and I was confused coz I had to read articles to get free 50$.I failed from first time coz i didnt read any of articles and I tho it was piece of cake things about poker basics but i saw its more complicated then that and I read it all and started to play by that strategy(sss).

Your offer was better then most of other sites coz all i found was 10$-50$ that actually worked.I think your model is good way to earn some extra cash and I think its good model for everyone,I cant think of anyone who wouldnt have use of some extra cash :D.

For those still running towards the 5000 StrategyPoints mark I can only say this things:

1.Stick to brm and never go to higher limits than your bankroll can afford
2.When you feel like tilting take a break instead of loosing another buyin or more buyins
3.Never give up"

Thank you so much Dino for your kind words!!! Please consider also the confirmation of the payment of $100 to your pokerstars account:

Payment on Pokerstars

I will soon update you all on the top 10 list. All I can say is that there are still a few places left so get on board and start playing with our free money!

All the best,

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