Monday, July 7, 2008

And we have a winner - the 1st 250$ go to "samiow"!


Im back from a perfect vacations in a beautiful place - Croatia!

I was pleaseantly surprised to see that we have now found the 1st place of the competition we are running - The first 3 players to reach 5000 StrategyPoints get the full referal money back = $250!

His nickname is "samiow" and he registered as my friend on pokerstrategy on the 18th of May. 7 weeks after we manage to reach the 5000 StrategyPoints mark and therefore we will get the full referal money back, 100$, on top of the 150$ that pokerstrategy offers.

"samiow" also recently won $7,381.50 with the first place in a $35k GTD on Titan and you can read his interview here. Congratulations "samiow"!

For 1 of my future posts I will try to get hold of "samiow" and ask him a few questions about the entire process of getting up to the 5000 StrategyPoints mark and you might get some tips/hints on how to get there faster!

Here is the latest update of the top 10 promotion ranking:

In terms of statistics the fact that Ive been on holidays did not meant that things are slowing down. "Au contraire" we keep on increasing the amount of free money available to play and we have now reached the nice amount of $3705 as you can see below:

I have some new ideas poping up so once in a while pass by the blog or just subscribe in a reader to receive the latest updates.

Again my special request goes to you - Spread the word with your friends and share this blog with those who might be interested in either trying poker for the 1st time for free with real money or maybe are looking for a new platform but do not want to make any deposits. In my opinion this works perfectly for those 2 groups!

Im always looking forward to receive your feedback and new ideas you might have so leave your comments or just send me an email

Good luck at the tables and see you soon!

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EvertonYorkie said...

This deal is legendary! Just unlocked my 50 points bonus.
Sign up everyone!

Martin said...

Thx to tuk for giving me my cash bonus. he is a real cool and honest guy. I recommend signing up with his link. Thx again Tuk ;)

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