Monday, July 28, 2008

The release of free money continues - $5375

As promissed on my last post I will update you now on the latest statistics and top 10 promotion. Please consider:

I would like to highlight the fact that we have now released a total of $5375 from the poker industry and that money is out there available on the tables for those who truly master the game!

Also on the promotion Im running there is still a long way to go for "voyporustedes" and "nelinha" which means that if you are just starting you still have a chance to get the total referal money back ending up with a total of $250!

Another interesting statistic is the one on the end of the blog - the number of unique visitors! Looks like soon I will reach the first 5000 unique visitors which in 4 months is really good.

Keep on playing and spread the word - the best place to start playing poker with free money is here :)

Best regards,


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Anonymous said...

Man, i think you are the last honest person on Earth :) ...especially when it comes to internet stuff. I was looking how to make some money online and there were scams every step i've made, but this, this has really amazed me and the fact that you are giving away your money even more. I recivied your $5 some minutes ago and i'm really happy about it. After our 17 e-mails long conversation i was loosing the hope, but it was all my fault. I have to warn the newcomers that Full Tilt poker does not support special characters, so don't fill in your data with them like i did :)) - i was unable to receive money transfers 'cause of this, but the support guy was really helpful, even if i was buggin him on sunday.

This is really a great blog! Thanks again for your effort TUK! Keep up the good work!
...I think i'm gonna go play poker now :)


Anonymous said...
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poker250 said...

Hi Tuk!

I have decided to follow your idea and I have decided to create a blog - - to do the same concept you do but for pokerprofessor. I hope you dont mind and that you share this comment with others. Maybe you can even register with me there :)

Talk to you soon!

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