Monday, July 14, 2008

Interview with "samiow"


I manage to contact "samiow" our first winner of the top 10 promotion we are running and I have asked him a few questions:

Tuk: If possible give us a short description of you and your poker career?

samiow: I was taught when i was a boy to play 7 card stud and used to win pennies off my friends and always enjoyed it. About 4 years ago I started playing on the internet on Pacific poker and would go up and down sometimes spinning up a nice lot of cash sometimes going broke.Last year I started playing live and thats when I signed up to the hendon mob forum.

Tuk: How did you find

samiow: You posted about your offer on the hendon mob forum and although I was suspicious, because it sounded too good to be true, I checked it out anyways.

Tuk: What made you register?

samiow: After reading your blog and checking out the pokerstrategy website I was happy to give it a go as all my details are kept safe, I received the money as expected and got lots of updates from you and were sent my extra $$ on whatever site I wanted, was really impressed!

Tuk: What do you think of this "tuktukbkk" model of giving back the TAF (Tell-a-friend) money?

samiow: It sounds too good to be true! But it isn't , I hope everyone registers with you after reading the blog, they should do..

Tuk: To whom would you suggest this type of model?

samiow: Absolutely EVERYONE wanting to try out poker - you have nothing at all to lose. There is no risk and its all reward, Join ffs!

Tuk: Anything special message you would like to leave for those who are still in doubt that this is for real and it works?

samiow: It is 100% genuine, you receive your 50$ usually in 2 working days and tuktuk sends you the bonuses within the same week you have earned them. A completely legitimate website/service, Thanks tuktuk!

Tuk: And any hints/tips you would like to leave for those still running towards the 5000 StrategyPoints mark?

samiow: Don't tilt, look for the fish, Play your best, Good luck!

It was a pleasure to interview "samiow" and I hope that I can soon interview again those who reach the 2nd and 3rd place.

Keep on playing and see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with samiow. This site and Poker Strategy are the best. What a fantastic deal. Even if I don't clear the players points and have to give back the $50 in starting money (which was super easy to set up) I don't care. With what I've learned on Poker Strategy I've already doubled my money in less than 4 weeks. Just goes to show you that even a casual player like myself can build a bankroll for free through Tuk's website and Poker Strategy. Keep up the good work guys!

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