Thursday, April 24, 2008

37 friends but only a few passed the quiz!

Failed the quiz?


I count now 37 friends registered but only 13 have passed the quiz. I would like to remind you that:

1 - If you fail the poker quiz you will have to wait 24 hours to repeat it
2 - You have 1 hour to do the poker quiz and you can go and look for the answers while you do it but I strongly suggest you read the articles before
3 - If you want to skip the study part send me an email to and I might help you with some of the answers :)

Good news is that already 7 friends have received their initial 50 USD and they will soon start playing towards the first goal of 15 points to receive extra 5 USD from me. Here are the latest statistics:

Tuktuk poker model statistics

As a suggestion I recommend you to start with the lower limit tables so that you can earn points without being over exposed to lose your initial 50 USD. Good luck at the tables!

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