Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Im ready to pay back but I need you to contact me!


Great news! I have now 2 referrals that are ready to receive their money back!

One of them passed both the 15 and 100 points barrier and made a total of 217 strategypoints and is ready to receive 12.5 USD. The other made 28 points and he will receive back 5 USD.

The only thing now is that I actually need you to contact me and give me your details - I need to know your nickname and to which poker site you want me to do the transfer. To make sure you are the one I will need you to confirm your pokerstrategy nickname and the date of registration. Here is again my email - tuktukbkk@gmail.com

Also on a positive note the number of registered friends that have passed the quiz increased and they should soon receive their initial 50 USD. In case you dont receive the money within 48 hours after passing the quiz you should contact pokerstrategy sending them a "ticket" on their "Help" section.

Here are the latest update on the statistics:

tuktuk poker model statistics

Appreciated if you could help me spreading the word and please give the link to your poker friends!

Best regards,

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