Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Congratulations to my friend "jivamyniva"! My 1st friend who received 50 USD!

50 dollars

48 hours passed since I started my efforts with this new idea of sharing free poker money and my friend "jivamyniva" has registered, passed the quiz and already received his first 50 USD to start playing for real. Well done!

I will keep tracking you and when I receive the 10 USD after you have done 15 points I will make you a transfer of 5 USD as promised.

Here is the updated statistics (improved!) of the number of friends that:

Registered - 6
Passed the quiz - 2
Received the intial 50 USD - 1
Have done 15 strategypoints = 5 USD from me - 0
Have done 100 strategypoints = 7.5 USD from me - 0
Have done 800 strategypoints = 100 USD from pokerstrategy - 0
Have done 5000 strategypoints = 50 USD from me - 0

Total collected from Poker Industry - 50 USD
Total given back by me = 0 USD

For those that have registered and need any support please write me back a comment or a email to tuktukbkk@gmail.com

For those who still are in doubt that this can work, believe me, it will work!

Spread the word and see you soon!

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